The Doldrum Conundrum

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Emotional Baggage

The sands of time have slipped through my fingers,

The accretion sometimes bemuses me.

I had been cloistered by these very walls,

Which seem claustrophobic now.

These pathways seem to have narrowed,

These ceilings , they seemed to converse with the empyrean,

Now they are an arm’s reach away.

These lawns were a sea of green on which I floated in thought,

The sea has dried into a blot of green.

But as I prepare to leave this haven,

I have packed more memories than clothes,

The emotional baggage , heavier, but gossamery ,

The  accrual of experiences with the years gone by,

My childhood has been peeled by now,

But inside, deep inside, I’m still raw.

These memories, this nostalgia,  is not taking a step back,

But taking two steps forward to whatever awaits me.

The sands of time


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4 thoughts on “Emotional Baggage

  1. Vishesh on said:

    aye haye malli…tu poem shoem likhne laga 😉
    GRE ka asar hmmmmmmmmmm 😛

  2. aayushi on said:

    and as u take a step further ..dont forget to tie ur shoe laces 🙂 🙂
    jokes apart……:like: :like: :like:

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